Defend the realm of cats from the evil rat hordes that threaten their newly found kingdoms. The time of humans has passed and our beloved feline friends have inherited the earth. They roam the land searching for ancient human technology and Meowgic. They wage war with the evil rats, frogs, and toads who want nothing more than to make the cats go the way of the humans, extinct. Choose your cat. Choose your weapon. And fight for honour, glory, and your ball of yarn.

Watchers of the Fallen

There are some who soar to great heights on their own initiative. These men and women have accomplished great feats in engineering, commerce, and relations with other nations unprecedented in the history of humankind. Magic, once so intensely coveted, had faded from the minds of people. Confident that the ancient ways of the peoples of old were nothing more than myth and imagination, magic was forgotten. The 1930’s were booming. Success of the human race was evident in its power of its nations and the triumph of its industry… but then a darkness came…

Shattered Labyrinth

The Shattered Labyrinth world was created during a convergence of realms, slamming all of the universes and existences into one cosmic realm… the Labyrinth. This world seems exotic and familiar all at once.

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