Game Mechanic

CATaclysm© makes use of a brand new game platform called Ph4se© (pronounced “Phase Four”). This platform keeps play fast and intuitive which takes advantage of an active defense system. Whenever a Hero wants to attempt an action that has a chance of failure, she rolls a ten sided die (or ‘d10’). To determine success of the task (for a Talent, Skill, or Attack) she simply does this:

  • Roll a d10
  • Add any relevant scores and modifiers
  • Compare the result to the required result

If the Required Result is met or exceeds the target number the Hero performs the action or task. If the result is lower, the Hero fails.

The World

Da humanz iz ded. No moar fud for us.
No moar scratchez for us.
No moar protecshun frum teh outsides for us.
We haz taken teh earth…

Catain Galileo Furwhisker

No cat knows exactly how long it has been since the humans left, but one thing’s for sure, they left in a real hurry. The cats can still see their majestic cities of glass and steel on the horizon on a clear day, but they dare not go there, not without purrtection. The human cities of old are engulfed in Miasma, a horrible, evil substance that eventually corrupts and destroys everything it touches… well almost everything. The despicable rats, toads, and frogs feed off of Miasma, and it is even rumored that they can control it for their own nefurrious ends.

With the humans gone, cats have now become the alpha species (naturally, right?) and are now Mommy Nurchur’s stewards, a job they believe was bequeathed to the first cats – the venerable Catains – by the humans so many years ago. Cats have evolved, both physically, socially and even mystically. They now prefer to stand on two legs, wear the latest feline fashions and live in vast, sprawling cat cities. They also have perhaps the greatest gift of all the creatures, and that is the power to control Meowgic. This mystical force is said to be the very fabric that holds the world together, and is the source of where the cats get their nine lives.

Cats live in prides based on their breeds, however intermixing between breeds is not uncommon. Each breed has a special quality or talent that makes them special: Maine Coons are strong, sea-faring felines that are just as at home in the water as they are on land; Manx are shy and mysterious Meowgicians; Persians are highly intelligent seekers of knowledge who enjoy reading, teaching and learning, and; Pixie Bobs are clever tinkerers that can fashion neat gadgets and steam-powered contraptions.


If a player is not the GM she must be a Hero – one of the stars of the action. The Heroes are each unique and suit individual players’ customized specifications, depending on what type of Hero a player wishes to play. Whether she wants to be a warrior who is strong and courageous, or a bookish scholar who would rather read than adventure, the choice is hers. The Heroes work together to form a team or a party who travel through the world created by the GM.

Life-Force Dials

Every Hero has a Life-Force dial, a new element incorporated into RPGs. These dials track a Hero’s health and tell the player whether their Hero is well, injured, or dead. As a Hero takes attack damage, he rotates his Life-Force dial to the appropriate section. A Hero who takes several hits is subject to a critical injury, which means he will suffer a unique impediment during play.

Lives Dials

Every Hero has a Lives dial. This represents a Hero’s nine lives. Each time a Hero dies, after a short period of time they are able to return to by spending one of their nine lives. Once a life is spent a Hero returns to life with all of her wounds healed (except where rules state otherwise). Once all of a Hero’s lives have been spent, she is completely dead and cannot return to life.


Feats represent a Hero’s special abilities which they can perform. These feats are a form of Hero progression and training, and as a Hero gains experience or levels, they gain an extra feat that allow them to become more powerful. These feats branch into feat trees that represent a Cat Hero’s progression their abilities.


Every Hero has nine abilities known as Talents. These Talents represent a Hero’s strengths and weaknesses. The Talents allow a Hero to perform tasks in the game like looking around, using Meowgic, or fighting. All Talents can be attempted even if a Hero has no score in the corresponding Talent.


Skills represent how well a Hero does at dramatic tasks. All Heroes are assumed to have a wide selection of average Skills; the game only measures the Skills in which a Hero has a better than average ability and thus can use these skills to attempt tasks in action situations. Skills are measured by the scores placed in the Talents. Each skill is attached to a particular Talent and thus the Skill uses the Talent score to resolve the check. All Skills can be attempted even if a Hero has no score in the corresponding Talent.

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