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Defend the realm of cats from the evil rat hordes

CATaclysm: The Roleplaying Game Deluxe Box


Everything you and your clowder need to pounce into the action! The CATaclysm Deluxe Box comes with:

  • Beautifully illustrated full-color Core Rulebook
  • 4 player Hero dials
  • 4 Foe dials
  • 1 Boss dial
  • 1 Epic Boss dial
  • Two cat-inspired 10-sided dice
  • 25 high-quality cardboard punch-out standees (bases included)
  • A foldout playable map with sample scenario

(cat puns not included).

Select the Kitten Kaboodle bundle and get the Deluxe Box, Hero Dials, Dice Bag and Dice Set, GM Screen, and Meowgic Relic cards for the super low price of $69.95!

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Cataclysm: Heroic Dials Box


Expand your clowder with the Cataclysm Heroic Dials Box. Track your Life-Force Phases in style with this new collectable dial set, all featuring new illustrations.

The new Heroic Dials Box comes with:

  • 4 new player Hero dials
  • 4 Foe dials
  • 1 Boss dial
  • 1 Epic Boss dial

Cataclysm Dice Bag & Dice Set


These limited edition cat-inspired dice will definitely bring a new level of feline fun to your Cataclysm table!

Slightly larger than regular ten-siders, this dice set comes with three different pairs of Cataclysm dice (teal, lime green, and orange), and a drawstring dice bag.


Cataclysm GM Screen


A must-have for every discerning GM. Keep prying eyes away from your sinister plans with this beautifully illustrated triptych GM screen.

Recto side features three exciting Cataclysm scenes. Verso side displays important tables for quick reference, as well as Life-Force trackers for Foes.


Cataclysm Meowgic Relics Card Deck


Spice up your Cataclysm adventures with this set of thirty Meowgic Relic cards!

Each card depicts a special Meowgic Relic that your Heroes can discover and use in their quests: perhaps they will find the legendary Lost Mittens, or the mysterious but coveted Spidget Fingers, or perhaps even the ancient Yarn of Yore.

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